JARS – an ironic posthipster popup at the cinema

You’re gonna need a bigger fork!

JARS – popup eatery & bar is coming to town. Popping up at Panora during film festival Nordisk Panorama 19-24 sept.

An ironic posthipster popup at the cinema. JARS is for the festival crowd as well as for the public. The good people of Malmö will find good food, snacks, drinks and cocktails at a bargain price.


All day diner and speakeasy. All day: Salads. Wraps. Smoothies. Soft drinks, beers, wines & cocktails. 11,30 – 15,00 Daily lunch. Dinner hours 17-22. Choose from four different casserole dishes from all over the world. With toppings and sides that makes the jars pop.


After work happy hours everyday 16-19. Cocktails & well drinks 75kr, beers 50kr, wine 65kr.


Rex Jaris.

This is the place to hangout for a lunch before the festival screening or a quick snack before the evening cinema. Sit down with your friends and colleagues for a drink and chat about the festival films.


Thirsty Thursday. Sneaky opening for friends and extended family. Welcome and try out our concept. Prolonged happy hours, 16-21. Reservations via jars@valfarden.nu

Fresh Friday. Grand premiere night! with Movie Music Quiz. Bring your friends and form up the dream team (A Clue: someone from each of the last four decades, + all genders).


Thrifty Thuesday. Lunch hours only. After a hectic weekend we expect to close down early.



There is no spoon. All hail the mother of jars!

We serve everything in jars! The jar is our chosen container for higher enlightenment. Tasty food, simple servings. Like streetfood indoors, if you like. It’s not the fancy setting you’re looking for anyway. All you want is a nice place to hang out at, have something good to eat and drink with your friends. Without getting robbed, right?



We will conserve only what we love.

During this fall Välfärden – kök & kaffe is celebrating ten years Anniversary. For the past ten years we’ve been focusing on serving great lunch at our own location. This meaning we’ve also been notouriously reluctant towards everything else. This year we are turning everything upside down, starting with a popup.



Break the wheel!

The commons often refers to the wheel as the mother of inventions. They couldn’t be more wrong. Just stop and think about it for a while. Modern life on earth would not be possible if it weren’t for the jar. There are jars everywhere. Doing good for humanity. Wake up people.



The jar is dead, long live the jar!

Apply for membership in The Secret Socitety For Conservation Of The Secret Conservarion Jar. Only the best of the best will be chosen. Visit the web for more info.



Lunch or Dinner Set Menu 3 servings. 250 kr
Pumpkin soup.
Main of your choice.
Dessert & coffee.


Bar snacks
Mixed nuts 35 kr
Chips 25 kr


Mediterranean Superbowl Salad
Avocado, hummus, quinoa, kalamata olives, fresh cucumber, fresh carrot, sun-dried tomato, roasted chickpeas, sweet pickled red onion & red cabbage, melon, fresh spinach, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, tahini- & lemondressing.
(vegan, lactose free, glutenfree) 85 kr

Ackbars Caesar It´s A Wrap
Local corn chicken, mixed leaf lettuce, smoky roasted seeds, cucumber, crispy carrot, broccoli, mustard dressing & crème caesar with dijon, capers, garlic & aged cheese.
(gluten, lactose) 65 kr

Nordic Noir Beetroot Salad
Pickled beetroot, creamy goat cheese, roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, walnut, sweet dried cranberries, pickled red cabbage & red onion, apple, green salad, crispy carrot, seed pesto, radish, quinoa and honey & mustard dressing.
(vegetarian, gluten free) 85 kr

“Sorry, we stopped serving breakfast. We´re on the lunch menu”.
Whammy Burger employee, Falling Down


Coffee 25 kr
Tea 20 kr
Five dollar smoothie 35 kr
Fruit 10 kr
Chocolate Ball 25 kr
Snickers cookie (vegan) 30 kr
Cinnamon Bun 35 kr
Brownie 30 kr
White Chocolate Pannacotta with raspberry coulis. 55 kr

Sövde softdrinks 33 cl. 30 kr
Coffee (fairtrade & organic) 25 kr
Tea (Demeter) 20 kr
Caliente organic chili drinks 35 kr
Smoothie 35 kr


Bœuf bourguignon
A twist on the french classic red wine casserole with locally sourced beef, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, carrot, pickled onion, sprinkles of bacon and mushrooms, served with roasted potatoes.
(gluten free) 100 kr

Rajma Chawal
Punjabi tomato stew with chick peas, kidney beans, zucchini, pepper, garam masala, onions, chili and ginger. Served with rice, harissa yoghurt and mango/carrot chutney.
(gluten free, can be served vegan / lactose free) 100 kr

Tom Kha Gai
Spicy coconut soup with chicken, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chili peppers, fresh coriander, mushrooms, fish sauce and lime juice. Served with rice.
(gluten free, lactose free) 100 kr

Tom Kha Tofu
Spicy coconut soup with roasted tofu, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chili peppers, fresh coriander, mushrooms and lime juice. Served with rice.
(vegan, gluten free) 100 kr.

Pumkin soup
With roasted pumpkin seeds & pickled pumpkin. I love you honey bunny! 85 kr

Pad Wan Gai Salad
Crunchy thai style salad with chicken, vermicelli glass noodles, egg, carrot, kale, red onion, chili, broccoli, sprouts, peanuts, fresh corriander and pad thai style dressing.
(gluten free, contains peanuts) (only evening) 100 kr

Pad Wan Tofu Salad
Crunchy thai style salad with roasted tofu cubes, vermicelli glass noodles, egg, carrot, kale, red onion, chili, broccoli, sprouts, peanuts, fresh corriander and pad thai style dressing.
(gluten free, contains peanuts, can be served vegan) (only evening) 100 kr


Draft Beer. Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri
The Lupo Pils. 33 cl. 5 %. 65 kr
The Fenton Session IPA. 33 cl. 4,5%. 65 kr

Bottled Beer. Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri
The Holley Organic Blonde Ale. 33 cl. 4,8%. 65 kr
The Crimson Organic Red Ale. 33 cl. 5,6%. 65 kr
The Tri-Five Session Ale. 33 cl. 3,5%. 65 kr

Bottled beer. Others
Carlsberg Alcohol free Lager. 33 cl. 30 kr
Pistonhead Kustom Lager. 33 cl. 4,9%. 55 kr

Il Nostro. Negroamaro. Italy. 75 kr
Zensa. Primitivo. Italy. 85 kr
Crudo. Catarratto Zibbibo. Sicily. 75 kr
Brochet Facile. Sauvignon Blanc. France. 85 kr
Prosecco. Crudo. Italy. 75 kr
Aperol Spritz. 85 kr


Well drinks / cocktails
3 cl. 85 kr. 4 cl. 100 kr.

Dark ´n´ stormy. (Rhum, Ginger beer, Lime.)
Mosquito Inquisition. (Rhum, Elderberry, Mint. Lime)
Rhub Me Up Scotty. (Gin. Rhubarb. Lime)
Gin & Tonic. (What you just read)
Italian Connection. (Gin, lemon, simple syrup, cava).
Passion For Docs. (Vodka. Passion fruit. Lime)
Moskow Mule. (Vodka. Ginger Beer. Lime)

Virgin drinks. 75 kr


Ginger Joe. Bottle. 33 cl. 4%. 65 kr.
Apple Elderberry Cider. Bottle. 33 cl. 4,2%. 65 kr.




When? 19-24 sept 2019

Where? Panora, Friisgatan 19D, Malmö, Sweden.

What? Ironic cinema posthipster popup diner and bar.

Who? Malte Rohlin (Välfärden, Malmö) and crew.

Why? Because we can.

Web? www.valfarden.nu/jars

Wook a table? Yes, it´s possible. Email us at jars@valfarden.nu